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Shanghai has a wealth of entertainment avenues for tourists. The entertainment options are quite diverse too, and quite cosmopolitan, coming from all the corners of the world. The following is a list of most of the entertainment options that you can find in this city:-

Beijing Opera
If you come to Shanghai and do not get a sampling of the authentic Beijing Opera, then you are surely not making the most of your travel. You can catch some of the best acts on Nanjing Road , and these can go up to three hours. These operas are unlike any other you might have seen anywhere else. Elements of several other performances such as singing, dancing and even acrobatic stunts are present in these performances. You will find tickets to these performances easily, because it is only the tourists who prefer them more. Check if there's a tourist designed performance coming up during the time you are in Shanghai . This will be better to check out because it contains montages of all the best parts of several performances, and becomes a treat to watch.

Shanghai Grand Opera
This is present on the Nanjing Road too, near the People's Park. This is a very different kind of operatic theater for Shanghai , for its opulent charm. It is designed as a palace, and is listed as the Ten Best Opera Theaters in the world. You will find traditional Chinese performances here as well as performances from various cultures across the world. Check out their listings to see what interests you. But, apart from the opera, just visiting the place is a rare treat.

Shanghai Acrobatics Show
This is a veritable hit with the kids and the adults alike. The Chinese are famous all over the world for their stunts, even in the Hollywood movies. Here's a chance to catch these things in live action. You can catch these performances, usually lasting up to one and a half hours, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in West Nanjing Lu. These are very popular performances even among the locals, and for that reason, you will need to book them in advance. Most hotels in Shanghai will have facilities to book tickets for you by telephone.

Huangpu River Cruise
The Huangpu River is the central river of Shanghai and cruising along this river means taking in a lot of the sights to offer in the city. Cruises on the Huangpu River begin from the Bund area, where you can get tickets from various private operators at differing prices. There are varying times for the cruises, the shortest being one hour cruises. You can also expect different prices from different operators.

You will be at once intrigued and also highly entertained by the nightlife that abounds in Shanghai . The events are totally different from what people do out there in the west. Since the listings in the various local areas change all the time, you would do best to pick up a Shanghai newspaper in English and see what they have to offer. The best nightlife in Shanghai is had at the French Connection, in the areas of Hengshang Lu, Julu Lu and Xintiandi.


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