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Travelers find that the fastest and the cheapest way of moving inside Shanghai is by using the metro railway system which has eight lines in total. Four more are underway. Though the metro railways can be crowded at the rush hours, their very fast speeds for getting anywhere within the city makes them quite popular with tourists.

Most people prefer the taxis for their travel within Shanghai , just as in any other city of the world. But in Shanghai , the taxi operations are much more streamlined than you will find in any other city of Asia , and probably, of the world. For one, the taxi drivers here get ratings according to the services they render to their customers. These ratings are from one-star to five-star, and anyone above a three-star rating is a very good taxi driver. Then, you can also select taxis according to their colors. Like, if the color of a taxi is maroon, you might want to avoid them since they are unregulated taxis owned by private companies. Another intriguing factor is that the taxis provide printed receipts if you ask them so, so that you can be sure that the taxi driver is not taking you for a ride, literally!

Buses are another great way to move within Shanghai . In this city, you can use the sightseeing buses, which, for a single payment, will take you around all the prominent sightseeing spots of Shanghai .

The best way of traveling inside Shanghai is by using the public transportation card, which is officially called as the Shanghai Jiaotong Card. This is a traveler's debit card, which you can load with money. You get this card at most public transport stations in Shanghai and also in some shopping malls like the Alldays. The card is valid in the metro railway, buses and taxis.


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