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Shanghai attractions

Reaching Shanghai

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Shanghai is a very well connected place to all the main transport routes within China . You can easily get into this city through air, land or water.

Entering Shanghai by plane
The air is an ideal way to get into Shanghai from any place in the world. Shanghai has two airports – an international airport at Pudong and a domestic airport at Hongqiao. The airports are one to one and a half hour drive from anywhere in the city. You can book your tickets from the travel agencies throughout Shanghai . Flights to all the big cities of China , including Beijing , Chongqing and Shenzhen are operated from Shanghai .

From the airports, further travel can be made by either taxi, airport buses or even through trains. The taxis are available outside the airport itself, but the drivers will mostly not speak English. To take you anywhere within the city, the costs of the taxi might go up to ¥145. A cheaper option is the airport bus, which you can use for reaching anywhere within the city within ¥22. Be careful about the airport bus though; they will stop operating at one hour to midnight.

People coming into Shanghai must certainly not miss out on the Transrapid Maglev train that shuttles from the airport right to the heart of Pudong in just about 7 minutes. This is one way to get to the city, and a blazing way at that, at 430 km/hr. For those who miss out on the Maglev for some reason, can take the taxi which takes passengers right to the center of Shanghai .

You can also enter Shanghai through the Hongqiao airport if you are coming through domestic places or through nearby cities like Tokyo or Seoul . Moving inwards into Shanghai from Hongqiao either through buses or through taxis is simpler and faster than through Pudong, with the buses costing no more than ¥4.

Entering Shanghai by train
There are three main railway stations in Shanghai – the Shanghai Railway Station in Zhabei district which is the terminus of most trains to Shanghai , the Shanghai South Railway Station which operates Metro lines 1 and 3, and the Shanghai West Railway Station which doesn't take metro services but takes passengers from Chengdu , Ganzhou, Hengyang , Yantai and Zaozhuang. There are direct trains if you are coming from the capital city Beijing or through Hong Kong .

Entering Shanghai by bus
Buses are convenient only for short distance entry from neighboring cities. These tickets can be available even at the eleventh hour; so if you miss out on train reservations, you can check out the buses.

Entering Shanghai by boat
For those who are in a more adventurous mood, there are direct ferries from Hong Kong, Kobe and Osaka .


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