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Apart from being one of the trendiest metros of the world, Shanghai has too much to its name. Various cities of the world want to emulate Shanghai and are actually making plans to do so. But, Shanghai remains Shanghai ... the original deal.

So what makes Shanghai so very popular all over the world? Is it the skyrocketing buildings that are representatives of the most evolved form of world architecture that are present on various areas of Shanghai ? Or is it the fact that Shanghai is one of the busiest Asian cities? Perhaps the large undercurrent of global business that happens through Shanghai is a cause for its popularity.


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But then Shanghai is as culturally rooted as it is technologically advanced. Even as one face of Shanghai is scaling new heights of advancement with each passing day, there's this other face that can be considered as the best preservative for Chinese culture. You have the ancient forms of Chinese art in Shanghai and also the age-old Chinese cuisines which have become world famous, spawning various versions in every country around the globe.

It is conglomeration of everything - the good and the bad, the old and the new, the rational and the irrational - that makes Shanghai the city it is. And what is it? One of the most prominent cities of the East. This website has a wealth of information for people from foreign countries wishing to come into Shanghai . Go ahead and discover this city. When you are planning to visit Shanghai on your trips to China, it is wise to know in advance what you will be getting here. That will certainly make your trip much more meaningful.

One of the main things you need to remember is that Shanghai is a metro, but at the same time it is a conservatory for ancient Chinese art. You must be prepared to meander in and out of state-of-the-art buildings and old world traditional buildings when you are walking around Shanghai . At the same time, you must be suitably respectful of their customs, which might seem strange to you, being from another part of the world.

Shanghai is not a very expensive city; at least if you have toured several western cities, you will find that a trip to Shanghai is much too economical. Of course, there are various five star hotels and such here too, so you can decide your own upper limit of spending. But, the bottom line is, if you want to have a budget trip to Shanghai , you can do so quite easily.

The locals in Shanghai are quite friendly, and they are conscious of the appeal their city has with foreign tourists. They will make you feel at home. Language could be a problem, though. But in most places that matter, you will find that a healthy amount of English is spoken. You need not be worried about your dress as such, being a tourist, but very overt physical expressions are not accepted in some sections of Shanghai .

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