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Just as everything else about Shanghai , even the accommodation is vastly different here. You can stay in the priciest of five-star hotels here as well as the cheapest of budget hotels – that is the diversity of this place. Most often, you will find these rich and poor establishments on the same street, at just a stone's throw from each other. But one thing is common – all these hotels have their own restaurants where they serve authentic Chinese food.

One of the first things that strike any visitor to anywhere in China is how different the original Chinese cuisine is from the rest of the world. In fact, in some places, like on the French Connection, you can see these people cooking their stuff right in front of your eyes and you cannot help but be fascinated by their dexterity in preparing things.

We list below some of the most popular eating joints in Shanghai :-

Di Shui Dong in French Connection
This one's present on the Mao Ming Road and is famous for its authentic cuisine form Hunan . You can find a lot of Mao recipes here, including the Mao's Chicken. This place is a hit with the foreigners because of totally opposite reasons – it serves totally authentic Chinese food, without any modification to pander to western tastes.

Halilaogui in French Connection
Hailaogui is not a hit with the foreigners primarily because it does not have an English menu. But that does not mean the food here is substandard. If you have a Chinese friend to help you out, try some of the things they make here. The place is famous for specialty Chinese desserts.

M on the Bund on The Bund
M on the Bund is a restaurant that has been designed to be on par with the most happening of western joints. The food here is a blend of Chinese and western tastes and it is a very enjoyable experience to dine here. By western standards, the prices are quite reasonable.

Secret Garden in French Connection
This little restaurant is present a little away from Garden Books. The name Garden is quite apt, because the ambience here is as natural as it can get, with an open air canopy under which food is served. This is a multicuisine restaurant, so you can get all kinds of tastes here.

Shanghai Uncle in French Connection
The Shanghai Uncle is a part of a trio of little theme restaurants, but its best branch is on the Tianyaoqiao Lu in the French Connection. The best part of this restaurant is that it blends the very traditional Chinese cuisine with western tastes. Visit here if you want to taste Chinese food, but are not feeling like experimenting much.

Coco Ichibanya on Nanjing Road
If you want some diversity from the traditional Chinese food, then you might try out the Coco Ichibanya on Nanjing Road , located within the Jiuguang Departmental Store. But even within the ambit of Japanese cuisine, this restaurant specializes in various kinds of Japanese curries. There are seasonal specialties that you must ask for. Prices are as appealing as the food is.


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