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Michael Schumacher retired from Formula One motor racing because he was getting bored. Just for the fun of it he now drives a taxi from Shanghai Airport to the City. Great disguise too. He looked very Chinese to me but he was uncatchable on the motorway into the city. The more I shouted in English to slow down the faster he went. My fault really because I was making a repeated downward motion with my hand that was supposed to signify the reducing speed but I think he interpeted it as meaning to push his foot further down on the accelerator. We got to the city in about forty minutes but I could also see that, at the wrong time of day, the journey time could stretch out quite a bit. The cost of the metered trip was just over 150 Yuan and the destination within walking distance of Huaihai Park. (about a 20 minute walk to Nanjing Road.)

The highspeed train passed us as it sped out of the airport and headed for town. Its the fastest train in the world but Michael FI the taxi driver did his best to keep up with it.

On a more serious note, the taxis around Shanghai are inexpensive and generally driven reasonably well; although I have no real appreciation of what the road rules are which, I suspect, is about the same level of knowledge of the rules that the taxi drivers have themselves.

I did not use the subway myself on this visit so I can't really comment other than to say that the travellers I spoke with all indicated that the experience was generally a good one but the signage was a bit lacking (in English). I will try the subway on my next visit. I just hope that Michael  F1 does NOT  fancy himself in charge of a few ton of subway train.


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